#I wish that upon meeting me…

…your gaze will reflect… love!

Greetings! I’m Vasiliki, and I’m 18 years old. I understand—I don’t appear my age. This is due to the rare syndrome I grapple with, which not only makes me to look physically younger but may lead others to perceive me as thinking like a younger child as well. Consequently, people often treat me as if I were younger. However, I engage in the same activities as other children my age—I listen to music, dance, and go for walks.

I also have two heroines: my mom and Eleni Foureira, who have a common thread: LOVE. Love’s companion is understanding, and understanding’s companion is acceptance. The perpetual cycle continues… with love! It’s a beautiful, interconnected circle, one might say.


Despite my condition, my mom never hesitated to shower me with love, accept me wholeheartedly, and comprehend all my needs. She also excels at encouraging other mothers, openly discussing what she terms “invisible disabilities.” These are conditions we often overlook, even though those affected move through life right beside us. As she aptly stated during the official launch of Make-A-Wish Greece’s WishStar Programme 2023-2024, it all begins with parents teaching their children not to pass by those who appear “different” but to embrace them. She emphasized that even the smallest effort to accept a child who looks “different” can provide hope, life, joy, and happiness.

Similar love and understanding were extended to me by my second heroine, Eleni! Upon discovering that I could make a wish to Make-A-Wish Greece, I immediately requested to meet her. I knew she could offer the love I yearned for, despite her demanding schedule. I’ve admired her voice and personality for an extended period.

After months of anticipation, the moment arrived! During our meeting, my mom confidentially explained to Eleni that I had never felt acceptance from the world and that this is where I needed her assistance. Thus, a top-secret mission commenced! On the night of her concert, Eleni had arranged with my mom for me to join her on stage, dancing and singing. I had no inkling this would happen until… IT DID. Eleni brought me on stage, and 12,000 people erupted in applause, screaming my name.

My wish granting and Eleni transformed my life. It vividly illustrated what my mom advocates: Acceptance begets love, and love can provide strength and joy.

#I WISH, that if our paths cross on the street, your eyes will not linger out of curiosity but out of love.

#I WISH that upon realizing someone nearby is grappling with an “invisible disability,” you won’t turn away but rather approach them!

#I WISH you contribute to granting the wishes of other children who, like me, draw strength from such experiences.

#i wish you would