Once upon an afternoon, two volunteers headed off to Vagia’s house. Their hands were full of bags. When they arrived, they recruited all their imagination, throwed a bunch of fairy dust and with the help of a translator they wrote the most sparkly card for our shy girl. They rang the doorbell and waited for Vagia to come downstairs, to the front door, with her parents. After all, her wish needed a lot of space…

The tall girl with the pink jacket was standing right in front of them and hesitatingly looked at her presents. She wondered how her wish could fit in such small bags. She started opening bag after bag and discovering all the surprises the fairies had picked for her, but something had her puzzled.

The volunteers smiled viciously and naively they asked her if her wish had something to do with a ginger house because that was what they brought her. She shook her head negatively and said that she had wished for her own bike. Then, they asked her to describe how the bike she wanted looked like in order to try to make a replica. The little girl started talking passionately about the purple bike with the white basket she had always dreamed off…

The narration was interrupted by the bell. Vagia turned her head around and saw the bike! The volunteer rung once again the doorbell, since the girl was still in shock. It was exactly like she described it. She rapidly hopped on, filled with excitement and rod the bike, while the ribbons on the wheel were dancing in the wind.

Her mum was constantly smiling and holding the colorful balloons, with which we had decorated the while house. She kept telling us how perfect everything was! “Vagia is overjoyed! Thank you so much for all this glee and positive feelings you’ve given us! I wish you all to be happy and strong!”. Vagia, with her red headband, didn’t leave her bike out of her sight for a second. Not even when the pizzas came for the day to end in a delicious way. What we remember so vividly, was the smile on her face, while she was riding her purple bike!

Special Thanks to NOK-SHOP.GRΝΟΣΗΛΕΙΑ ΤΩΡΑERGON TX ΜΟΝΟΠΡΟΣΩΠΗ ΙΚΕ (Tsantylas Christos) that via the RADIO MARATHON of RYTHMOS 94.9 adopted the wish

to our volunteers: Konstantinos Karikas, Stella Iliadou, Diana Zdravkova Mlazeva

to our in-kind sponsors: Fintirikos Dimitris, Τaxiway

Craftbox.gr for sending the birthday box-surprise to all of our kids, as well as Myikona.gr for sponsoring our personalized photo album of our kids!