During the conversation about what it is he wished for more than anything, he confided to the wish fairies that a gaming laptop would overjoy him. He wanted it for fun as well as work, so he could play his favourite games but also complete his school assignments.

The wish fairies, after carefully listening to his wish, started the preparations for a day full of experiences that would remain indelible in our friend’s mind. On the day of the Wish they made sure his favourite people, his family and friends, were with him, so he could enjoy the day exactly as he had imagined, with a lot of games, action and great food!

The fairies had prepared two new experiences for him. For the first time, he would try laser tag and bowling. In every game room, as soon as he had passed each challenge, he would find another piece of the gaming computer set. With the style of an experienced bowling player, and with the attitude of a dynamic video gamer, he launched into “battle”. With every unboxing he would have the same anticipation and wonder if the computer would be there! The challenges kept coming and he was enjoying himself so much. He loved laser tag, as it emulates video games in reality. With his laser beam, his “shield” from attacks and other digital data such as whether he was hit, how many lives he still had and if he could be reborn, he would pass the levels with great success. When he finally opened the large box and saw the object of his desire, a huge smile lit up his face.

When the day came to a close, his review of the Wish fulfilment was 10/10! He also added that the experience deserved a grade even higher than the scale allowed. His parent’s review was so full of sweet and touching words of gratitude, that filled us with joy and give us strength to keep being optimistic and committed to our work.

to our volunteers: Dimitra Gitakou, Anastasia Dimitrantzou, Maria Hara Masiakou, Vassilis Lountzakis, Zoe Lumbery

to our inkind sponsors: Ella Greek Cooking, Lazer Tag Arena, Superbowl, Passarella, Myikona

to  ELLAKTOR Group of Companies for adopting the cost of all wishes catching in 2019 (AKTOR, ILEKTOR, EL. TEX. ANEMOS, ATTIKI ODOS, ATTIKES DIADROMES, REDS)