We pick up the pace for the annual walk of Make-A-Wish and we double our wishes!


As the COVID-19 restrictions are gradually being lifted, we gather even more strength and resources to double the number of wishes we grant every month! Focused on this effort,  this year’s “Walk for Wishes 2022”, which will take place on May 7th in Athens, will function as a wish “booster”.

For the past 2 years, the “Walk for Wishes” has been held online. This year, wish fairies, their elves, wish families and volunteers gather to walk for wishes in a magical place in the center of Athens. Together we will all walk along the footsteps of the first wish kid, Chris, and empower the wish kids! The walk holds many surprises and the participants will witness the magical experience of a wish granting!

April 29 is the date we celebrate hope worldwide. It’s the date we celebrate the hope for life and dreams for thousands of children fighting against a very serious illness and struggling to get well. It’s the birth date of Make-A-Wish!


April is the month we honor all our wish kids! Thus, we set a goal; we will try to double the number of the wishes that will be granted in April and May, thus reducing the number of the wishes that have been on hold for more than a year due to COVID-19!


Make an online donation and together we will grant the wishes of Rebecca, Kiriakos, Metin and Vassilis! 


* Keep the donation receipt you will receive and present it on May 7 at the registration desk for your participation! Stay Tuned for details! (5€ / participation)

Rebecca wished to visit the Harry Potter Museum in London. As you can see, she adores Harry Potter and his movies! Even in the photo, she wears a Gryffindor sweatshirt! In her spare time, she likes to read books or watch the movies of… Who else? Harry Potter! An entire corner of her room is dedicated to her favourite hero. It consists of a large funko pop collection of the movie characters, a 3d puzzle of the Prison of Azkaban and a Lego of the wizarding “bible”. 

When she was in the hospital she heard about Make-A-Wish Greece. Even though she immediately knew what she’d wish for, she wasn’t sure if her wish could be granted!

What do you think? Can her wish be granted?

Vassilis wished to sleep in his own car bed with the number #01 in a bedroom fully decorated with stickers of his favorite heroes! He wants 2 car beds in his bedroom; a white one with the number #01 for him and a red one with the number #52 for his brother. He loves Masa and the Bear, McQueen, the Ghostbusters and Playmobil! However, his favorite heroes are Paw Patrol, the rescue dogs! He is very playfull and he loves big celebrations, family gatherings and parties!

The day of his wish he would love to have a big party athis house!

Are we gonna make it?

What makes Kiriakos extremely happy is the sea, walks and summer time! Traveling to an island would be perfect for him. The ideal hotel for Kirakos would be one with salty water in the swimming pool, as he can’t stand chlorine at all! He will travel along with his beloved mother and his brother. The means do not matter! Whether he travels by boat or by plane, at the thought that he will travel somewhere, he smiles widly and makes everyone around him as happy as he is!

Every time he hears about trips and walks, Kiriakos claps his hands and laughs, while he looks like dancing in his own special tunes!

We can’t wait for Kiriakos’ summer trip, can you?

Like every teenager, Metin needs a powerful smartphone! A smartphone that will be his new best friend for a long time, as he’s still undergoing treatments. What he loves most is playing football and cooking. In fact, when he grows up, he wants to be either a footballer or a chef!

Metin let us choose the software of his new smartphone; iOs or Android.

What do you think? Do the Wish Fairies know how to choose the right software?