Our little girl, Emanuelia… A very outgoing girl with many interests… She was called upon to face an unexpected and difficult turn in her life… her illness. Constant visits to the hospital deprived her of her daily life, school, walks and friends. Even the simplest infection could cause dreadful effects on her health. She lost neither her courage nor her smile during her treatments. However, her psychology “dropped” quite a bit.  And that was when our Wish Fairies and their elves got in her way!

Our little fighter wanted for a long time to renovate her bedroom.  She wanted a room in her own style!  Her sweet family had tried to do the first steps for the bid change, but, when she realized that the Wish Fairies could renovate her entire room, she left everything in their hands.

Her love for pink? Huge! All she ever wanted was a more youthful yet girlish room, so she feverishly began to explain to the Wish Fairies exactly how she had imagined every corner of her room. Following every detail to the letter, the fairies went straight into the transformation!

The huge reveal occurred earlier than our little girl expected, leaving her with her mouth open – literally! She opened the door of her new bedroom and her smile almost reached the ceiling. Thousands of pink shades “unfolded” in front of her. Her new youthful furniture were waiting for her patiently to discover every single secret they were hiding.

Her parents were thrilled as she explored every last detail. They knew about the magical powers of the fairies, but it never occurred to them how much they would take care of the happiness of their little warrior, as they confided to us

From the other hand, Emanuelia was more than ready to win back everything she was deprived of her illness! Her new room is tailor-made for endless nights of gossip and fun and is waiting for our little fighter and her friends to experience the most incredible teenage years!


firmly the little Oddysea-Angelos, the little Angeliki-Maria, her parents, her relatives and friends for the donation

to our volunteers: Marina Metaxatou, Konstantina Vasilopoulou

to our in-kind sponsors: Elite Strom, Vitex, Nef Nef, Intralink Logistics, Linardakis Cargo, Morfeo Home, Myikona, Simply Living, Chrysa Antoniadou, Sketi Glyka Patisserie

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