A calm and timid girl that liked laughing a lot! That is E. A strong girl who fights off her disease and hardships like a warrior, regardless of her difficulties. When she first heard about Make-A-Wish she was in the hospital, and she did not pay close attention because therapy was her sole priority. But when she watched another girl, who was also hospitalized with her, and especially after her wish was granted, E. realized she needed to make a wish, too.

She did not need to think much, she was very sure: she wanted a new smartphone. Due to her illness, she spent a lot of time at home or in a hospital room, so the smartphone would be her way out, a means for her to communicate with friends and keep her company.

E. was not like the other children who asked for things. On the contrary actually, she finds it difficult to express her wish and when her fairy asked what style of case she would like for her new phone, she hesitated because she considered having the smartphone more than enough for her. Her fairy, though, wanted to do the very best she could, and she wanted to make the granting of her wish magical.

Her wish journey was quite short because only a couple of days passed between her wish capture and granting! But it was filled with experiences she would always remember. Along with her parents, her brother and her best friend, E. went to an escape room! Things were very difficult in there, but thankfully her father took the lead and they managed to get out; otherwise, as the children said, they would still be jailed!

On their way out, a big pile of presents was waiting for her. E. asked before opening each one of them and slowly discovered all the necessary mobile phone accessories: headphones, charger, powerbank and much more that her fairy had arranged for. But the smartphone was nowhere… Then, an elf told her that he would bring it to her the following day because it had been delayed. And so, the entire group went to a restaurant. It was a wonderful place, just like our girl had imagined. Before dinner was served, a big box was “served” to E. Unwittingly, because it was very big, she began opening it. And yes! There it was! Her much longed-for smartphone was finally in her hands! Her eyes shined bright and her smile got even bigger! She was very excited and she started exploring the new item.

During dinner, the atmosphere was filled with happiness and euphoria, and this wonderful day ended in the best possible way. E. would always remember it as a new, optimistic and happy beginning. The smartphone’s acquisition and the dinner experience in such an amazing restaurant, besides offering feelings of happiness, they strengthened the belief that things could change by sharing love and focusing on your target.

Thanks to Konstantine Antonopoulos, the SRS Group of Companies and the Ardonagh Group we granted E.’s wish!

We’d like to thank our volunteers in-kind: Fani Politi, Chara Masiakou

We’d like to thank our sponsors in-kind: THE MARGI, ATHENS CLUΕ, FRESH PATISSERIE, ΜΥΙΚΟΝΑ, VIOIATRIKI