Marios is a very strong, optimistic and sociable kid. Growing up in a family with two older siblings, he familiarized himself with technology at a pretty young age and he loved it. And now he spends most of his spare time playing games and watching YouTube. So, his wish was to have a state-of-the-art tablet, not only for gaming but for being in touch with his friends, as he gets to spend a lot of time in the hospital for his treatments.

Marios had actually dreamt of the day he would get the tablet and he wanted to share it with his best friend. He would really love to go to and escape room and then all of them to go for a nice meal. In fact, he chose himself the theme of the escape room…the Chocolate Factory!

Despite the delays that were caused by Mario’s treatments, being in touch with his fairy gave him the courage and patience to get through them. And there came the special day for a unique experience! Two wonderful fairies were waiting for Marios to arrive. He had never been in an escape room before, so, when he arrived, there was a big smile on his face. Riding his bike, so he would be quick and would not get tired, he started solving the riddles one by one, and so they managed to escape.

When they got out of the escape room, Marios was thrilled and would not stop talking about the way he was solving the riddles. He was telling everyone about it on their way to the restaurant. When they got there, the fairies started giving him his presents, but every time he was opening one and it wasn’t the tablet, he was worried. Maybe the fairies forgot about it? But of course the fairies would never forget something so important and had prepared a special surprise for him!


When they finished their meal, the fairies had arranged with the staff to “serve” Marios the tablet on a tray. The whole staff showed up, with balloons and music and they all shouted “Marios your wish was granted!”.

Marios was really excited with the happening and holding the much-awaited tabled in his hands, he granted us with his best smile and the most beautiful words: “Thank you so much, fairy, for listening to me and granting my wish and thank you for the gift and the beautiful surprise with the escape room and the meal!”.

Thanks to Konstantinos Antonopoulos, the SRS Group of Companies and the Ardonagh Group we granted Marios’ wish!

We’d like to thank the volunteers participated in the wish: Dora Pachatouridou, Yiota Kotsopoulou

We’d like to thank our sponsors in-kind: TGI Friday’s, Taxiway, The Mindtrap Cosmos, Miltos Patisserie & Catering, MyIkona

We’d like to thank our supporters in-kind: Redloop Creative Agency