I wish to have a teen room, Christina, 13, B-lymphoma

At the end of 2019, all of us wish fairies made a pledge to make as many children as possible happy by fulfilling their deepest wishes. We wanted the new year to start with special, magical memories from the beginning – and that’s what we did!

One of the wishes was Christina’s, who wished she could have a teen room. Talking with her we discovered that she had done her research and had made quite sophisticated choice. She did give us directions as to what she liked, but was open to our ideas as well. We used pink and grey tones to give her room an art deco feel.

Art Deco style has a grandeur that comes from rounded and straight lines. The details would give character to the room and a more personal touch, as they would reflect Christina’s style. The fairies picked a pink desk lamp, a modern roof lamp with metal details and a neon sign. Twinkle lights were placed around the boudoir and a personalized luminescent sign filled the new room with a soft light.

Christina’s excitement was great throughout the preparations. She knew the style we were going for, but couldn’t be sure of the final result. We shrouded the process in mystery because we wanted to see the surprise and joy on her face when she saw her new room.

Preparations were intense. A comfy bed with decorative details on the wall, a round mirror and an interesting design library started to give character to the room. Every day, a different technician would come to complete the work on Christina’s room.

The day of the wish fulfilment we only had the final, mostly decorative, touches to complete. Throughout the preparations, her mother was our co-conspirator in planning how to set everything up without Christina knowing – and I think we managed.

Christina’s anticipation was huge as the moment of the revelation came closer. When she finally “invaded” her completely new room, her heart was pounding. Her face lit up with joy and she couldn’t believe it. Judging from the twinkle in her eyes, the wait and anticipation were well worth it. It was even better than what she expected and imagined. Every detail had its place and made all the difference. The art deco style of the 1920s was a complete break from the prevalent style up to that time, and Christina’s room renovation was equally a complete break from her unpleasant memories in that room. She now has all the time in the world to discover every nook and cranny, every small detail, and to add her own personal touch. The day of the wish fulfillment came to an end with a cake covered in stars, like the stars we wish light Christina’s path in life.

What’s most important, and stays with us long after the wish is fulfilled, is the smile, the joy, the twinkle in the eyes, the ”WOW” that comes out of each of our heroes’ mouths every time they see their wish come true. It is a blessing to be able to witness these feelings on a child’s face and to have contributed to creating them.

to our volunteers: Tatiana Anagnostou,  Antzela Livgieri, Panagiotis Geogriopoulos

to our inkind sponsors: Elite Strom, More Desigh, Giannis Matsias – NEON-LED, Jysk, Agrotis Group, Bizzare Stickers, Varnakiotis, Inart, Intralink, Lotsaris Sweeties, Nikos Fotopoulos και Electricians Association of Patras, Kafkas, Bilianoe, Christos Vassilakopoulos, Vitex, Aris Giannopoulos, Giorgos & Konstantinos Liopetas, KENTIA

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