An white piano so she can practice and become an incredible pianist is what Olga dreamt of! That was her wish. Despite the difficulties she is having in movement and speech, Olga does not let anything stand in the way of her dreams. She is a wonderful girl and you can’t help but loving her from the moment you meet her!


She would like to get the piano just like a fairytale and was talking to her fairy about what she would wear. She has a harmonium that she uses for her piano lessons and practices, so she can be ready when the real piano arrives. She was sending videos to the fairies so they could witness her progress. She was dreaming of the day she would get the piano, like a fairytale, and was talking with her fairy about what she would wear.


And so, one day, an elf showed up at her place to give her the dress to wear on that special day. A gorgeous pink dress with a beautiful bow at the back. She was stunned! But the fairy had prepared one more surprise for Olga: they attended a piano recital, where Olga was overjoyed, moving her hands and feet all the time…dancing in her own unique way! When the recital was finished, Olga met the pianist and offered him a lovely flowers bouquet, while he gave her a book about music and a metronome; very valuable gifts for a pianist-to-be!


A few days later, it was time for Olga to visit the Athens Concert Hall for the first time. She put on her beautiful pink dress and started off with her family. When they arrived, they were greeted by the director of The Friends of Music Society, and he led her to where Junior Camerata was practicing. They had prepared many small surprises for Olga, and the conductor spoke to her about each instrument. When they got to the piano, Olga played a few notes, and everyone applauded her. Then they began their rehearsal and Olga was watching amazed by the music until…the conductor stopped and handed her the baguette to conduct the orchestra! There are no words to describe her joy! Her mother noticed how her heart was beating as she could she it pounding underneath her dress!


When she later saw the piano at her house, her face literally lit up and the party that followed, with the fairies, is hard to describe! It was a house full of joy, laughter, music and dancing!


We would like to thank the employees team of AKL Law Firm that contributed to the organization of this wish.

Thanks to Konstantine Antonopoulos, SRS Group of Companies and Ardonagh Group we granted Olga’s wish!

We’d like to thank the volunteers participated in the wish: Ivi Polychroniadou, Emilia Kritikidi, Arieta Dimitriou


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