What is VolunTEENs Programme

The VolunTEENs programme is addressed to teenagers under 18 years old, giving them the opportunity to support Make-A-Wish Greece, practicing skills necessary in the professional life. It is a combination of the words “Volunteer” and “Teenagers”. Through the programme, as a teenager you can also contribute to the work of the organization by participating either in the activities of the organization or in the “Wish Camp” programme.

Congratulations for your initiative!

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     Participate at the Christmas and Easter Bazaars: As a VolunTEEN you can a cover shift working with one of our trained volunteers in the sale and promotion of our seasonal products. 

    Location: Stores and companies

    Participation hours: Every shift lasts 5 hours in average.

    • Participate in our events: As a VolunTEEN you can cover a shift in the following events. Thus, you can support our work according to the needs of each event: 
      • World Wish Dar: In April 29, we celebrate World Wish Day. In 1980, the 29th of April was the day that the wish of 7-year-old Chris Greicius, who have wishes to be a police officer, was granted. Thus, every year this day is celebrated in a spectacular way worldwide. The event takes place in April. 
      • Thank You Night: “Thank You Night” is an institution of the organization. It is an overview of the previous year’s wishes, as well as an expression of the organization’s deep gratitude to volunteers, donors, corporate representatives, friends and supporters. The event takes place in February.
      • WishStar Programme: WishStar Programme is an educational programme implemented in schools during the recent years all around Greece. It aims to grant the wish of every child fighting a very serious illness. Every student that donates symbolically 2€ in the organization, they receive a WishStar as commemorative of their donation. In recent years, WishStar has been expanded in companies, retail stores, etc. Volunteering actions will take place till October 2022 and every shift will last 5 hours in average.
    • Participate in the creative team: You can cover a shift in our offices in Dafni, Attica, supporting us in various creative crafts.

    Participation hours: Every shift approximately lasts from 3 to 7 hours.

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    Wish Camp

    Wish Camp is a programme concerning the planning of the wishes. It is a unique experience in which students get to know Make-A-Wish Greece better, bring up new ideas, organize a wish and participate in the initial planning of the wish-granting with the help of experienced Wish Fairies of the organization. Each student covers financial a small part of the wish, by donating 100€, so that he can get familiar with the functioning of fundraising and at the same time, support the organization’s work in a valuable way.

    To whom is addressed? Wish Camp is addressed to IB, A Levels, CAS programme or it concerns general volunteerism.

    Participation hours: Wish Camp lasts approximately 8 hours. The programme takes place 3 times per year, while you can register anytime throughout the year.  

You can register by sending an email at volunteers@makeawish.gr

For further information, please call us on 210 96 37 660 (ext. 104 or 202).