A basketball game in Barcelona, between Panathinaikos BC and Barcelona BC turned into an unforgettable experience for Marios! As a basketball lover and a huge fan of Panathinaikos BC, Marios could not wish for anything else than something that would include both his great loves. So, his greatest wish was to attend a European basketball game of his favorite team. And if that game was between Panathinaikos BC and Barcelona BC, then it would be “the game of his life”, as he told us!

A smiling and friendly young guy who is always in a good mood, no matter what time of the day you talk to him. The fairies did their best and his dream was about to come true: he would attend the big game between the two teams, in Barcelona!

However, he could have never even imagined what he got to experience, with the invaluable help of Panathinaikos BC that lovingly embraced Mario’s wish! A once-in-a-lifetime experience. He and his mother traveled along with the whole team of Panathinaikos BC, they stayed in the same hotel, and he was together with the team every step of their way until the game! Marios could not believe what was happening and kept calling his fairy to make sure all those things were really happening and it was not some kind of a mistake.

The day of the big game was incredible! They showed him around Barcelona’s basketball stadium and he even got to see the team, even though for a short while. He visited every corner of the stadium and he was absolutely stunned. And although he was living it all, he still couldn’t believe it! Panathinaikos team gave him presents and he was photographed literally everywhere! Their seats for the game were exceptional, along with the coaches and the team executives.

So what if Panathinaikos did not win the game? Marios was over the moon, living his dream, and that was the only thing that mattered…

We would like to thank Panathinaikos BC for making Mario’s experience truly incredible!

Thanks to Konstantine Antonopoulos, the SRS Group of Companies and the Ardonagh Group we granted Marios’ wish!


We’d like to thank our sponsors in-kind: Panathinaikos BC, Uniglobe, MyIkona, Craftbox